I have had the pleasure of working with Keystone Consulting and Elizabeth Kaufman for several years. Elizabeth has done an exceptional job partnering with me to find high quality candidates for open positions within my team.  She has an in-depth understanding of our company culture and is very thorough in ensuring she fully understands what type of person we are looking for and the qualifications the role entails. Keystone Consulting has proven repeatedly that they understand what is needed up front in order to start the search for the perfect hire.  I have been very pleased with the caliber of her prospects, all of which were exceptional candidates that were great culture fits for our working environment.

In addition to being excellent at what she does during every step of the recruiting process, Elizabeth is also the consummate professional.  She does her due diligence on all prospective hires, is always quick to respond (even on nights and weekends) and she also is very personable and easy to communicate with.  Elizabeth is a true “people person” and we intend to happily continue utilizing her vast skill set for years to come.


Jill Bonnett - Director, Online Community for Toluna, USA

As the career resources coordinator at Fairfield Public Library, I have seen first-hand how Elizabeth helps job seekers on a weekly basis, but I recently had the opportunity to utilize her expertise for my own job search. Elizabeth helped me prepare for a recent interview, and her knowledge of today’s job market and understanding of what employers want helped me to organize and present my skills in the best possible light. Best of all – I got the job. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Judy Sparzo, M.L.S. - Branch Children’s Librarian at Fairfield Woods Library

As a recent college graduate who is new to the full-time job search and use of recruiters, I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work with Liz and gain some of her knowledge on the subject. Liz’s insight on how to work with recruiters and how to approach my job search not only helped me, but made me feel confident and prepared as I move forward with the process. I would highly recommend Liz Kaufman to any recent grads or anyone looking for insight on how to approach their job search.

Emily Canina - Customer Service Associate at Evergate

Liz was wonderful to work with. She rewrote my daughter’s resume with a stringent deadline and turned it around in a blink of an eye and on a holiday weekend, no less. Her attention to detail, nearing perfection, and her pleasant, cheerful, professional demeanor coupled with a beautiful product define working with Liz. A pleasure!

Lynn Villency-Cohen, Board Member (since 2001) - Stamford Museum and Nature Center

Elizabeth did a great job of assessing my skills, interests and goals before digging in to quickly put together the best resume and cover letter I’ve ever used in a job search. She was familiar with many technical terms for my work as well as familiar with the businesses in my field of expertise. I recommend her to job seekers who need an encouraging and helping hand

Karin Holmgren - Marketing Operations Manager, Enterprise at Pitney Bowes

My coach was phenomenal! Elizabeth A. Kaufman facilitated the exploration of my hidden assets and worked with me providing a platform in which to present them. I really felt privileged to have been able to learn directly from her deep knowledge and insight. I had many coaching sessions with Elizabeth over a period of 4 months. She helped me by building my self confidence. I am from Brazil and English is not my native language.  I was getting ready for a very difficult panel phone interview in which I would need to fully utilize my English speaking skills. We worked together closely to examine and discuss my strengths, expertise, and transferable skills, as well as practice answering challenging questions that the interviewers might ask. When it was time, I was able to ace my phone interview and subsequently got an outstanding job at the United Nations!Elizabeth was like a good friend; she listened and got right to the point. She also has a warm, wonderful personality! I am confident that no matter where your location is on the globe, she will be able to help you truly identify your professional strengths and be able to communicate them well so you will win those contracts, land that job, or stand out as a great candidate.

Col. Roberto Escoto, Military Liaison to the United Nations for Latin America and Europe

It is a pleasure to work with Liz Kaufman. Liz has genuine experience and brings tremendous expertise. What is special about Liz is that she took the time to meet with me, to discuss my background and to really help me plan an effective strategy that included a new resume and preparation for my job search. I would highly recommend Liz Kaufman for all aspects of career advisement and preparation, whether you are currently employed or transitioning in your career.

Susan, client

Liz was a pleasure to work with. She was able to effortlessly breathe new life into my resume. After being out of the workforce for 6 years, it was apparent we needed to re-invent and re-define. After I responded to an opportunity with my new and improved resume, I was immediately called for an interview.Liz’s attention to detail, availability and ability to take feedback is unmatched. If you are looking to resuscitate your resume, I’d highly recommend Liz and Keystone Consulting as your first point of contact.

C. Juarez, client

From start to finish, Elizabeth was fantastic to work with. She is as professional as she is personable. She produced a top notch resume for me which was targeted, expertly written, and gets across what I’m really about. She has also given me invaluable tips about how to move my job search along in the proper direction. I have recommended Elizabeth’s services to my friends and colleagues and will continue to do so!

Monica Chusid, IT Project Manager

[Liz] is a real professional.  I cannot recommend her help strongly enough.  Her questions were direct and insightful, and she immediately knew where my strengths were and what could be real liabilities.  My resume is now organized and represents me in a way that I want to be represented!

Arthé Kelly, client