Job Searching & Resume Services

Looking for a job?

For job seekers, Keystone provides:

  • Customized resumes
  • Targeted job search assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Process follow-up procedures

Customized resume creation

When it comes to your resume, do you have trouble seeing the forest for the trees?

Most people have a tough time seeing the big picture when it comes to their career. It is difficult to be objective about what you do and it is easy to get lost in the details. You probably know that an effective resume is critical to a successful job search because it gives you the competitive edge you need to get an interview in this volatile job market. Partnering with an experienced resume writer can help you get a clear understanding of your strengths and accomplishments. The end result is a resume that will accurately reflect all that you have to offer a potential employer.

Keystone Consulting has an in-depth knowledge of the current job market and understands what employers are looking for in today’s candidates.

Keystone Consulting works with professionals, tradesmen, and students, and with a wide range of disciplines, including pharmaceuticals, sales and marketing, customer service, information technology, manufacturing and finance.

Individualized services are tailored to fit client needs and budgets.

Contact Keystone Consulting for a complimentary resume critique and to discuss other services for job seekers.

Targeted job search assistance

Now that you have a customized resume, you need to:

  • identify employers in your target market
  • identify the key decision maker/hiring manager
  • develop a cover letter that:
  • showcases the value you would bring to the  organization
  • indicates you have done research on the company
  • tells the potential employer how to contact you

Interview preparation

You are competing with 3 or more qualified candidates for an open position. Your ability to sell yourself and prove that you can add exceptional value to the organization is key to a successful interview.

Interview follow-up process

An essential part of the interview is following up with a thank you note. Timing is critical, so don’t wait more than 24 hours. A good thank you note:

  • reiterates key points that were brought up during the interview
  • clarifies areas of concern
  • is sent by regular mail as well as by e-mail — this personal touch will distinguish you from the other candidates